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Embark on a rewarding journey by becoming a Fulfillment Partner with FoodRocket Virtual Restaurants, a platform designed to elevate your business potential.

Maximize the efficiency of your existing staff and kitchen resources, and watch as your monthly earnings soar by thousands of dollars.

Expand your horizons by fulfilling orders for an array of delivery-only brands, and experience the benefits of a lucrative profit margin ranging from 25% to 30%, paving the way for a prosperous and thriving partnership.

Any commercial kitchen owner or operator with additional capacity is a suitable candidate for a FoodRocket  Fulfillment Partnership. 

If you’re contemplating methods to supplement your income, let’s have a conversation.

Single & multiple restaurant locations

Regional restaurant chains

Bars & nightclubs

We were born in New York, but we will conquer the world.

Fill in the required fields and choose the type of cuisine that you could offer based on your needs. Don’t worry, one of our Restaurant Partnerships Managers will work with you to build the best solution.

Our kitchens Model

Are you ready to turn your kitchen space into an additional source of income? Collaborating with us means becoming our operational partners and making the most of your environment’s potential, regardless of its size or your time availability. 

With our customized solutions, you can increase the revenue of your spaces and improve your lifestyle.


A restaurant model in which various operators share a kitchen and many of the operational costs, it is essentially a co-working concept within the food industry. In this system, a real estate company provides several foodservice operators with a pre-equipped space, complete with the necessary equipment and technical resources to launch their own restaurant brand with home delivery. Within the area, there are two or more restaurateurs, each responsible for their own assigned unit and with no entrepreneurial ties between them. Some aggregators and food delivery platforms create Cloud Kitchens to rent out to restaurateurs who commit to producing exclusively for them, restricting the development of the restaurateur's brand and not allowing them to operate with full entrepreneurial freedom. This model requires a minimum start-up time.


A restaurant model in which a single operator manages a remote kitchen-laboratory, within which they develop one or more brands exclusively dedicated to delivery that fall solely under their management. The preparation takes place in a venue that does not provide public service and has no signage. The different brands are generally related to alternative dining proposals, developed based on data analysis of consumption patterns in the area where the Ghost Kitchen operates. Predominantly, each brand offers a distinct ethnic cuisine to ensure a broader range of choices and optimization of work processes. Deliveries are possible through food delivery platforms (UberEats, Glovo, Deliveroo, GrubHub, JustEat), outsourced fleet, or restaurant employees.


The simplest and least impactful formula for small foodservice operators, as it involves partitioning an area of the existing restaurant's kitchen into a separate unit, dedicated exclusively to the production and management of food delivery offerings. This particular management approach proves optimal when operating in an area with a high density of offices and school complexes, with traffic concentrated within a limited timeframe. If well-planned, it does not conflict with table service production, exponentially increasing the restaurateur's ability to reach their clientele. This solution also includes take-away options. Deliveries are possible through food delivery platforms, outsourced fleet, or restaurant employees.

Commissary Kitchen

These are professional kitchens available to both existing foodservice operators and private individuals who can rent them for occasional use without the need for specialized staff. They are designed to be flexible and equipped with a broad but not particularly deep range of resources, catering to the needs of a wide and diverse user base. Intended for short-term rentals, they also find application in team building, event catering support, market testing, and pre-launch of new menus and recipes. In some countries, these facilities are housed in containers, but in certain cases, they can also be 'trucks' dedicated to street food, rented as needed.

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FoodRocket is an innovative platform that uses artificial intelligence and data analysis to create and manage virtual food delivery brands. It offers scalable and customized solutions to meet consumer needs and market trends, ensuring a high-quality culinary experience delivered right to customers’ homes.



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