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Elevate your earnings with the help of our sought-after virtual dining brands, utilizing your existing staff and kitchen facilities.

FoodRocket’s exclusively delivery-focused restaurant ideas are crafted to harmoniously integrate with your current operations, tools, and assets. Capitalizing on data insights, our brands encourage orders throughout different dayparts, enabling you to enhance sales during quieter moments.

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Building a Virtual Restaurant Brand with Data

Past Food - Really fast Very Good 🇮🇹

Embodies the authentic Italian tradition in the creation of fresh and irresistible pasta. With selected ingredients and processed at the moment, our pasta expresses the essence of Italian flavor in every bite. An unmistakable culinary experience, celebrating the art of homemade pasta.

The Nonna -Authentic Italian Grandma Touch

Enchants the most discerning palates with its fresh and exquisite lasagna, prepared on-the-spot according to the most authentic Italian tradition. High-quality ingredients, skillfully layered, blend in a harmony of unmistakable flavors, making each taste an unforgettable culinary experience. The art of true Italian style reveals itself in our lasagna, celebrating the passion for home cooking.

Opopoke -From Hawaii with love .

Opopoke takes you directly to the white sandy beaches of Hawaii, offering an exotic and authentic culinary experience. Cubes of marinated fresh fish, combined with tropical fruit, crunchy vegetables, and fragrant rice, create an explosion of flavors and textures. Let yourself be enveloped by the embrace of the ocean and Hawaiian tradition with each bite of this delicious poke.

Truffle Supreme Crunchies

Truffle Supreme invites you to discover the luxury of freshly fried potatoes, enriched with the unmistakable aroma of prized Italian truffles. Crispy, golden, and irresistible, our french fries come in a variety of sizes, satisfying every taste and occasion. The perfect blend of tradition and innovation, “TruffleSupreme” transforms a simple pleasure into a sophisticated and unforgettable culinary experience.

Greek to Go

Yia Yia offers you a delightful immersion into traditional Greek cuisine, serving succulent and authentic dishes inspired by the recipes of a typical Greek grandmother. In this cozy fast-food setting, you can savor the flavors of the Mediterranean with speed and convenience, without sacrificing the authenticity of the ingredients and the love for the culinary art passed down from generation to generation.

Il Gelato Italiano

Materia Gelato celebrates the authenticity and art of Italian gelato, offering a variety of sublime and irresistible flavors. Drawing on the heritage of artisanal traditions and the excellence of ingredients, our gelato enhances the essence of Italian taste in every spoonful. With Materia Gelato, immerse yourself in a unique sensory experience, discovering the magic of authentic Italian gelato and the pleasure of a tricolor work of art

We love Food and tech

Each FoodRocket virtual restaurant brand relies on data and is thoughtfully designed to meet customers’ needs. Through the use of in-depth analytics, our team evaluates various factors to create top-notch and proven effective brands.

Data Mining

We leverage data from thousands of restaurants across the country.

Supply Inventory Analysis

Each menu SKU is crafted with your supply chain and existing inventory in mind, providing simple inventory projections.

Market Trends

Our team identifies top food trends in each market, from Paleo and Keto, to Comfort Foods.

Psychographic Analysis

We analyze customer demographics across the country by age, gender, and interests to create diverse menu offerings.

Menu and Pricing Analysis

Using third-party order data, our concepts are built to be price competitive.

R&D Insights

Each concept is developed for ease-of-prep and deliverability, taste-tested and proven to travel well.

FoodRocket is an innovative platform that uses artificial intelligence and data analysis to create and manage virtual food delivery brands. It offers scalable and customized solutions to meet consumer needs and market trends, ensuring a high-quality culinary experience delivered right to customers’ homes.


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